Search Engine

Increasing website traffic is a priority for any business but to do that, you need to be appearing high in SERPs.

How do we do this? By optimising your website content.

The top SERP result can get a CTR (Click Through Rate) of nearly 50%

Ranking high is important. If people don’t see you in their searches, they’re unlikely to find you.

How often do you find yourself on the second page of Google?

On average, there's only a 4% click-through to the second page of listings on Google - this means if you're ranking higher than 10th, you'll have a very low chance of attracting organic traffic.

SEO Illustration

We focus on three key areas to improve your search engine visibility:

  • Optimising your content
  • Formatting web pages
  • Link building

Collectively, we optimise these areas to compete with current winning search engine results. By improving your SERP ranking, we increase your visibility and website traffic.

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