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Brand Authenticity: How to Use It to Your Advantage and Grow Your Business

Over the last decade or so, the business world has slowly started to wake up to the endless benefits to keeping it real, so brand authenticity has become very important. Gone are the snake oil salesmen, and in their place are an assortment of savvy businesses that know how to truly engage their core audience with genuine human connection.

People are very receptive to what’s reality and disingenuous, so customers no longer want to just be sold to. They only want to put their trust in brands that stand for something. Brands that have integrity, and brands that can give them something they can’t get anywhere else.

Brand authenticity is integral to staying alive amongst competition, so the sooner you can offer your potential clients a more human approach, the better. Honest communication about products is what sells them, and being transparent with your customer base about your services pays off tenfold.

In a recent global study, it was found that nearly nine out of 10 consumers are willing to take action to reward a brand for its authenticity, including 52 percent who would recommend the brand to others and 49 percent who would pledge loyalty to the brand. This is one of the numerous statistics that show how authenticity delivers high ROI.

There are a multitude of incredibly successful brands that have gotten it right, kept it real, and proved to customers their level of trustworthiness. One of these brands is Dove, especially demonstrating this with their Real Beauty campaign.

This campaign tapped into a market of men and women who wanted to feel comfortable within their own skin, by using memorable advertising and landmark marketing. They used real people in their adverts and provoked a sincere conversation about self-empowered body positivity.

Through doing this, they separated entirely from their competition, and positioned themselves as more than just a company that sold bars of soap.

This standard of brand authenticity portrays an invaluable uniqueness, which limits the reach of your competition, as they have no way of keeping up with you in your most authentic form. This uniqueness only serves to stand you apart; trying to fit in with the rest leads to following generic trends, and as such leads to stagnant ideas.

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Brand authenticity boils down to having a strong, consistent brand image

Authenticity does not however overrule market research, and positioning yourself to give your customers the best you can possibly give. Instead, it means using that data to cater to your company’s strengths and keep you relevant.

A huge part of brand authenticity boils down to having a strong, consistent brand image. This solidified branding exemplifies the core of your business, your moral standing, and what you have to offer.

At Creative Sparx, we have all the tools to strengthen your brand and enhance your authenticity. We know what it takes to completely transform brand identity and bring a new lease of life to the way you connect with your customers.

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